Will the Women Reservation Bill Bring Good Governance in India?


A much has been said about the current Women Reservation Bill that was passed by the Rajya Sabha in New Delhi on March 9, 2010. This bill passed with much more interference between different political parties. But finally it was passed with 30% reservation facilities for the women. In a giant leap for women kind, the Rajya Sabha votes to amend the constitution to reserve one-third of the seats in Parliament and the state assemblies for women. The Parliament records its vote of 191 for and 1 against the motion. The 108th Constitutional amendment must now be passed by the Lok Sabha and notified by at least half the states for becoming effective.

Women Reservation Bill will not be able to bring any good governance in India due to its proper form of support. The reservation bill facility bill should only be taken up by the high political family background parties and it should be a lack for the general as well as the rural women that they will be legitated for the reservation facilities made for them due to different circumstances and support. As for example in BIC (Bodo Territorial Council) election, the total candidates were 540 and it was only one woman who was selected for the election. So it is what: that the reservation bill has been passed but women have not been supported in a proper manner for the considerations till now. Hence women would not be able to bring good governance in a country like India.

Source by Anubhuti Dutta



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