What Do You Mean, Reset?


Whatever “reset” is, everyone seems to be talking about it. Try a book search for “reset” on Amazon. You’ll find that worship is being reset. COVID-19 is resetting us. They’ve reset grace, and prayer. And your diet, oh many diets in fact. Real estate, the internet, and even menopause, all reset.

There’s more: the economy, nervous breakdowns, hormones, your child’s brain, well-being exercises, video games, and church. And on and on.

None of that is what I intended this article to cover. I’m speaking about a geo-political reset, a shifting of the nations into a form that will match, when all the moving and shaking is finished, the very picture that God painted of the end-time world.

I am not imagining here. Humanly speaking, the financial portion of this restructuring was proposed in May, 2000, by Prince Charles of the U.K. and Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum (WEF). The idea is to “rebuild the economy sustainably following Covid-19.”

You may believe Covid-19 was a quirk of nature. An accident. You may think it was deliberately sent out by China. Or that elites got together and planned the dissemination of this virus so as to tumble the economic patterns of the world to force a restructure. Doesn’t really matter what we believe about it at this point. Satan is behind it, God is permitting it, and men are using it to demand change. Big change.

Biden and Trudeau on this side of the Pond are all in. We are poised to “build back better” for a more “responsible capitalism,” they tell us.

They mean, socialism. Our new Democrat Party. Our new American-style socialism.

And for a season of grace, only Trump’s America stood in the way of this happening, worldwide. Amazing time to be alive, it was. Not so amazing at this writing. The plan to reset reemerges.

But as the subject forms within me, I realize I needed to talk about more than one reset. Things will continue to change. No static alignment of nations and governments is in our foreseeable future.

Men of this world, you have such small vision, such limited resources to see our future. God saw your “reset” before time began. You will bow and scrape and do all you can do to make the world better. Then you will die. What have you accomplished? Why did you give yourself to this?

As a poker player “sees” and “raises”, I see your reset through God’s eyes. I see it, and I raise you one: A greater reset that will enslave all mankind, based on the efforts you have been putting forth in this generation. What do you say to that? Think I am bluffing?

Next will come a greater reset than both of those, the ultimate freedom from your shackles. And more: the wonders of an eternity with God. You have nothing I desire, Sir. You are deceived and short-sighted and doomed to fail.

Nevertheless, Reset One seems to be in the process of happening now. The controversial American election of 2020 may have spelled the end of nationalism and a push forward quickly to that one world government so desired by the men of this world.

When the world has first been rearranged, the one whom the Bible calls the man of sin, or the antichrist, will take what has been accomplished and call it his own. The alignment may look somewhat the same, but his policies will be so awful as to be viewed as a second reset.

Third will come the reign of Jesus, as He descends from the skies, resurrects His people, and defeats those nations that have persecuted Him and His people. The long-promised visible kingdom of God will be manifested on earth. Jesus shall reign. Reset three is in place.

As I peruse the prophets, and the final book of the Bible from Prophet/Apostle John, it is interesting to note the restoration of the concept of “nations.” Jesus will rule the world, but national groups will still exist, all giving their glory in some way to the New Jerusalem and its New Head. Nations have been his idea since the early chapters of Genesis.

The fourth reset, eternity, is barely mentioned in Scripture. There will be a time “after the thousand years” when the all-new heavens and the all-new earth will host an all-new people in all-new ways. We can only speculate.

How many resets will occur after that we do not know. But wonderfully good things will come to those who can only endure the first couple of major changes.

Seatbelts buckled! The time seems to be now. Those defeated at the polls in 2020 and other times need to understand that our battle now is not a political one, and never was. Politics is God’s business. He raises up one nation, then another, according to His will.

Consider the early church. When did the church enter the political fight against Nero or other Roman leaders? Against Herod? Pilate?

When the church slowly became a political entity, headquartered in Papal Rome , is when she lost her vibrancy, her power. And when the Scriptures were eventually held back from the people by this church-State monstrosity, the world was plunged into darkness.

Did not Jesus say that if the light that is in us is darkness, how great is that darkness! The Gospel and the Scriptures are the light of this world. When the church loses its meaning, its purpose, what is left for the world to see?

Our business is the Gospel. Every member of every nation needs to hear the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection, forgiveness of sin, and the coming of the Kingdom of God into hearts and into view.

Meanwhile, the background noise will get louder and louder. Hang in there. God’s resets are promised and cannot fail.

Source by Bob Faulkner



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