Possessing Gold: A Lesson in Business Identity


With the creation of every business comes the possession of a golden egg. It is called business identity. Identity is defined as “the set of characteristics by which a thing is recognized or known” (The American Heritage College Dictionary). In other words, elements that help distinguish your business in the marketplace. Your business identity is how customers recognize you. The clear knowledge of what you are selling and why serves as the foundation when developing your business identity.

Business identity is not a singular item but rather a system of multiple components whereas each one compliments and builds on another. Each of these items offer business owners a vehicle to powerfully tell the world who they are, what they have to offer, where they can be found, how they can be reached, and most importantly, why they deserve your business.

When business owners (big, small, new and existing) recognize they are in the driver’s seat of their business identity they can do more than define their market, they can and will own their business.

Business Identity, More than a Name

Your business identity embodies far more than the name of your business. Each of these components/areas use your business identity.

  • Business name
  • Company logo
  • Tag line
  • Business contact information (telephone, fax, email and mailing address)
  • Business card
  • Business stationary
  • Sales/marketing materials
  • Advertising
  • Web site
  • Employee Appearance (uniforms, professional, etc.)
  • Company vehicles/vehicle graphics
  • Office/building appearance
  • Signage

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