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As most of the world knows, Chinese New Year is for us, the Chienese people, Christmas
This is the day where we celebrate Lunar New Year, and through gatherings we express our intangible familial bonds
There has never been a moment in my life that is more memorable than my grandpa’s birthday party.
As a senior in the family, there was only so much attention that I could get, but for others who were just recently born into this world, youth is a virtue, and this was what Bryant had in possession
Bryant had two elder sisters. One of them js a popular Youtuber Marshella Fortuna
Chinese New Year is the day where we of Chinese descends gather together to wish each other luck and rich, both in money,…. and in stock market.
It was a huge and rare family gathering as often many members could not be present due to business and shit in other parts on earth. We celebrated this golden moment by taking a trip to the beach to have fun with the dingy, murky water of the Mirror Beach, which was still gorgeous. We had fun regardlesss.
That is the first part of the story of a Batavian Family visit. Check out later for the second part where a battle commenced between two Youtubers. One big and the other microscopic.
I mean who am I to judge a bunch of straight males who chose to dress like transgenders and perform podium dance.

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