Five Reasons Why You Should Choose a Preowned Car


When shopping for a vehicle, it is tempting to check out the newest models, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s smarter to purchase preowned cars. From saving money to dodging early onset mechanical issues, here are five reasons why it pays to pump the brakes on new vehicle buying.

1) Save Money

The most obvious reason to buy used is simply to save money. Most auto traders estimate that a newly purchased vehicle will lose about 19 percent of its value after just one year. On top of that, insurance tends to cost less for a used vehicle, as do fees associated with ownership such as lower sales tax and, in some cases, lower registration fees.

2) Have More Information

Cars with history have more available information about their ownership and use. These days, it’s easy to track an exact automobile and learn about who was driving it, how often, and if it was involved in any accidents. With preowned cars, it is easier to know what the user experience will be like. That’s not the case with brand new models that have not yet hit the road. Reviews and ratings make it easier to be sure that your new ride will be the best fit.

3) Get Something More Upscale

Your budget will stretch a little further with preowned cars. A new automobile that costs $20,000 will come with fairly standard features, while a used one that costs the same amount will likely have more upscale details, like an enhanced stereo system or leather upholstery. Buying used means that your dollar goes further, making it possible to get a “nicer” vehicle for your money.

4) Better For The Earth

For those with sustainably in mind, a used car can make more sense than a new one. Buying used prevents the emissions that come from producing a new car, and if the vehicle has good gas mileage, that’s a perk! Although purchasing one used car may not make a serious reduction in toxic emissions, it will still feel good to know that you are making a small change.

5) More Selection

Used autos come in all makes and models, some even with one-of-a-kind details. With enough searching, you might come across cool vintage features, like a Mustang with red leather interiors. The search is even easier with the rise of online auction sites.

Consider these factors when deciding between new or preowned cars, and you’re sure to come away with the best vehicle for your lifestyle.

Source by Anders Abadie



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