Dolphin Shorts: Are They Making a Comeback?


There’s no question that styles change radically from one decade to another and sometimes even year to year. Exercise or athletic clothing is no different, although once in a while a good design will fade away only to come back in force further down the line. Dolphin shorts are a prime example of this phenomenon. Once greatly popular as exercise clothing in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dolphin shorts disappeared from high school and college track teams but eventually made a comeback.

These used to be seen as excellent athletic shorts. Whether practice swimming, or as general shorts for track and field events, Dolphin shorts were extremely popular because they showed a lot of leg, giving athletes great freedom of movement. The less constricted the athletes felt, the better they could perform.

These shorts also often appeared in exercise videos of all kinds from aerobics to more intensive training workouts and videos. Richard Simmons made this style of shorts very popular and is well known for wearing them in virtually all of his exercise videos. There are some varying stories about how they originally were used or meant for, but whether it was swimming or track there was little argument that the freedom of movement made them excellent uniforms for many high school and college track teams.

However there were some controversy with this clothing – the main being that they showed a lot of leg. To the point where eventually many high schools decided that they were allowing students to show way too much leg and were inappropriate. As many high schools across the United States banned them from the dress code, the style faded and eventually dropped out of even exercise and gym circuits.

However around 2007 or 2008 these simple but stylish shorts made a roaring comeback. While the original designs were almost always a single color and simple, modern designs of dolphin shorts can go either way. Some follow the original simple designs while others have colorful combinations or more decorative patterns.

Now dolphin shorts are once again a very common sight around gyms. These are very popular and modern style isn’t nearly as picky about how much leg is being shown. These are comfortable workout clothes and allow the freedom of movement needed to get the most out of your workout.

While these clothes might not be for everyone, it’s safe to say that Dolphin shorts are here and back to stay.

Source by Shane Dayton



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