A Better 6 – Step Plan For This Pandemic


By this time, nearly every responsible individual and corporation, around the world, realize the potential health and economic dangers, of this Coronavirus pandemic. It seems, the only ones, willing to procrastinate, deny, and/ or, attempt to manipulate the circumstances, do so, to enhance their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, rather than the greater good! When hundreds of thousands of people, have already tested positive, for this virus, and thousands, having died from it, our nation, the rest of the world, and its citizens, are, at – risk! President Trump has articulated a message/ response, emphasizing the economic ramifications, and, apparently, minimizing the health impacts (comparing it to the flu, etc), He has made misleading statements, disagreed with, and opposed his own experts, and, recently, proclaimed his desire to have the country, up – and – running, by Easter. Besides the obvious, public health dangers and potential ramifications, it sends a confusing message to the public. He initially referred to it, as a hoax, then stated his political opposition/ enemies were doing it, for advantage, blaming his predecessor, and, many others. Legislation appears to be, going to be passed and signed, which addresses some of the economic risks/ dangers, etc, but, like occurs often, there should be a better way, to proceed, to handle the present, and address future needs. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what I consider, a better, 6 – step plan, for handling this imminent danger.

1. Available tests and care: If, our public leaders, took this seriously, when they were first informed, and, if President Trump, either kept intact, or replaced with other experts, the Pandemic Experts, approximately two years ago, we would not, presently be, as far behind, in preparing, as we appear, to be! Rather than dwelling on that, we must prioritize availability, and delivery, of available tests, and the necessary levels of care, etc. All aspects of this, must be affordable, and available, regardless of one’s financial status, etc!

2. Fix, both short – term, as well as recognizing potential ramifications, both financially, and health – related: What good is financial wealth, if there is questionable health? Are short – term policies, regardless of the challenges, they create, worthwhile, in the bigger – picture? If, we protect the public’s health, then the present legislation should address protecting future economic challenges, both to the nation, and its citizens, in a responsible, relevant, sustainable manner!

3. Keeping/ attempting to guarantee, at – risk, corporations, sustainable, but, with oversight/ controls: Individual citizens, whose personal, economic well – being, are under stress, need economic stimulus, to protect society, and alleviate fears and panic! Corporations need help, but, based on how they handled, bailouts, in the not – so – distant, past, make it necessary, to ensure these funds, are spent, responsibly, and in a manner, which focuses on sustainability, and economic stability, must be, with careful oversight, and controls/ guidelines!

4. Encouragement/ incentives for corporate turn – arounds: We need to give larger corporations encouragement, and incentives, to ensure, they behave, responsibly, and assist, in turning – around this economy, and scenario! These monies must have strings – attached, restricting using them, for personal/ corporate greed, such as stock buy – outs, executive bonuses, etc.

5. Grants, restricted favorable loans, etc: The Federal Reserve is already doing, nearly, everything it can, including, record – low – interest rates, buying – back debt, etc. Individuals, who have lost significant monies, both, because of job insecurities/ restrictions, and the decrease in the value of their assets, etc, largely, might benefit, from an immediate stimulus. Small businesses need, an immediate stimulus, as well as access to specifically, designated, loans, in order to remain, in operation. Larger corporations have suffered, employ many, and need funds, to remain sustainable, but, these must have the restrictions, listed above, and, probably, should be, based on loans, rather than, grants, etc.

6. Corporations/ Insurance companies, etc, must continue health insurance, etc: Loans and stimulus to larger companies, as well as insurance companies, must address, protecting the health insurance benefits, pension, etc, of their employees, and, policy – holders.

We are all in this, together. If we work together, for the common good, responsibly handle current health needs, and, properly stimulate and protect, the economy, both, in the immediate, as well as short, intermediate, and longer – term, this nation, and our citizens, will be protected, and endure! Doesn’t that make sense?

Source by Richard Brody



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