5 Obvious Differences In How We’re Handling The Pandemic!


Although, it’s been, only, a little over a year, since the first cases of COVID – 19, were detected, there have been, already, over 112 million cases (28.2 million in USA), and, 2.47 million deaths (over 500 thousand in USA). This indicates, although, this nation represents, only about 4.5% of the world’s total population, we’ve experienced, over 25% of the cases, and over 20% of the fatalities (statistically, we’ve had, double the number of deaths, as any other nation). Although, there are many theories, given, for why these numbers, have been, as horrific, as they are, the vast majority of people, have witnessed, a clear – cut, difference, in several areas, how we are handling it, today, as opposed to last year. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 obvious differences.

1. Presidential tone: On the horrific occasion, of reaching, the point, when 500, 000, have perished, President Biden, gave a short, ten – minute, speech, in memory of, those, we have lost! It was empathetic, sympathetic, caring, heartfelt, and humane, in – tone! Does anyone, believe, his predecessor, would have presented – himself, that way? Most Americans seek leaders, who serve and represent them, offer the facts, with integrity, and share – their – pain!

2. Handling of the COVID – related, public health, science, and distribution of the vaccine, with an apparent plan: Although, the pandemic, was horrific, in many ways, especially, in terms of human lives, many were, even, more concerned, because there didn’t appear, to be a clear – cut, plan, or path, to change the course, for the better! Few believe Trump followed the science, nor had an effective plan, in – place, to distribute the vaccination. Most feel more confident, when a health – related crisis, is handled by the scientists, and experts, instead of a politician, who considers, himself, a stable – genius!

3. Handling the COVID – related, economic ramifications, needs, priorities, and realities: Although, Donald Trump, made many, unfulfilled promises, and demands, such as reopening the economy, and often, resorting to blaming and complaining, and, seeming to put his personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, first! We have learned, however, a well – considered, plan, was not, in – place, in – terms – of, prioritizing a stimulus program, which benefited, those, who are, most, in – need!

4. Setting an example: Although, nearly, every public health experts, states, wearing a mask, social spacing, avoiding crowds, etc, are the best preventive – approach, former President Trump, articulated a message, seeming to minimize the extent of the risks, etc, and rarely, encouraged others, to wear a mask, or behave responsibly, during these times! Haven’t we noticed, a big – difference, in terms of how, President Biden, is doing so?

5. Pandemic Board Briefings: Who would you prefer, offering information, the experts, on the Pandemic Board, or a politician, and/ or, his spokesperson? We are witnessing, a huge difference, since the change in administrations, where, this panel of experts, regularly, is providing briefings, etc!

If, we are to bring – life, back to normal, we must handle, and beat, this virus! Which approach, do you, honestly, believe, has a better chance, of doing so?

Source by Richard Brody



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